Student Projects

Student name graduation research addresses Supervisorfile
1.     Atheer Wissam Naji MajidThe wife’s inheritance between sharia and lawdownload
2.     Hassan Fadel Abd AhmedThe bank’s responsibility for documentary creditdownload
3.     Ahmed abd A , Karim Jawad Naturalization and loss of citizenship under Iraqi lawdownload
4.     Afnan Khalid Atiwi AbdRestrictions on removing common moneydownload
5.     Hassan Reza Hashim AshourChildren’s rights under the 2005 Constitution of the Republic of Iraqdownload
6.     Hassan Nizar Jawad HashemCybercrimedownload
7.     Hussein Ali Najm SultanThe authority’s competence to end its administrative decisionsdownload
8.     Hussein Faisal Ghazi SalalBribery offencedownload
9.     Hussein Karim Mohisin JabalCoercion prevents the inhibition of responsibilitydownload
10. Hussein and Thij Sindal AttiaThe Crime Of The Acclaimeddownload
11. Haidar Fakher Hamid IbrahimChild labor and its impact on the familydownload
12. Diana Faez Hamid KazimThe authenticity of the genetic fingerprint in the proofdownload
13. Reza Mujbal Khudair AbatConstitutional protection of human rightsdownload
14.  Zaid Ahmed Jawad JasimHuman rights in iraq’s domestic legislation as a modeldownload
15. Zainab Kazem Ali HamdanCrime against honordownload
16. Sakina Mahdi Habib RasulParliamentary oversight of the governmentdownload
17. Shahab Ahmed Hashim ZakiThe crime of issuing an instrument without balance 459download
18. Adel Abd El , Herr Abd El , AbbasThe need for the duality of the federal legislature in Iraq and the obstacles to its formationdownload
19. Abbas Hussein Hashim KataaThe right of intercession in Iraqi civil lawdownload
20. Abbas Reisan Fadl JabrCases of recovery of Iraqi nationalitydownload
21. Abbas Kazem Abd Al , Nabi RashidMarriage and divorce between the Family Code and Islamic Jurisprudencedownload
22. Abd El, Aziz Saad AliCriminal contribution to state security crimesdownload
23. Alaa Haidar Jassim
24. Ali Ismail Kazem HamidLegal regulation of human trafficking offencesdownload
25. Ali Jareed Majid HusseinLegal regulation of the holding companydownload
26. Ali Hassan Fadel Abd AliArbitration in international trade contractsdownload
27. Ali Salem Mazal ZaalTransfer of in-kind shares in the solidarity companydownload
28. Ali Sharif Shanan IssaImplementation of foreign sentences in Iraqdownload
29. Ali Zahir Mohsen KashishElectronic contractdownload
30. Ghaith Ali Hadi MohammedThe
31. Faisal Atwan’S gesture, al- NahiCivil contractsdownload
32. Karar Hassan, you are lightening, farhBribery in Iraqi lawdownload
33. Karrar Muslim Abboud ShahoutAdministrative investigation of the public servicedownload
34. Majtaba Sohad Jawad KazemMurderdownload
35. Mohammed Hussein Daghaim AbboudCommitment to safetydownload
36. Mohamed Raed Rommel ZidanCriminal liability arising from traffic accidentsdownload
37. Mohammed Raad Mansi JawadInternational protection of the environment during armed conflictsdownload
38. Mohamed Aboud Hussein AbdPeaceful means of resolving international disputesdownload
39. Mohamed Muhannad Khudhair Abdul amirInternational efforts to protect childrendownload
40. Murtada Hamdallah SuhailThe crime of falsifying editorsdownload
41. Hisham Taleb Hashim AliLegality of the criminal evidencedownload
42. Haitham Fouad Hussein JawadDiscretion of the Criminal Judgedownload
43. Yasser Jaafar Hussein HashemThe role of the external auditor in uncovering administrative corruptiondownload