About the department

The Law Department was created in the academic year (2016-2017) for morning studies, 50 students were accepted, and the first batch graduated for the academic year (2019-2020).

The Law Department at the College is distinguished by the specificity of the approach used in teaching law, as it combines the theoretical aspect by teaching courses in the two main branches of law, public law and private law, and the practical aspect related to strengthening the student’s skills in the field of pleading, following up on lawsuits and commenting on judicial rulings, and this is embodied in the practices of The applied or mock court on the one hand, and on the other hand, the law student studies legal courses that consolidate the knowledge base, since Islamic Sharia is a major source of law.

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Devoting efforts towards spreading culture and realizing the application of the application
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various fields.

Section Message

Spreading the culture in the community of legal graduates to supplement public employment in the administrative system
He willed. Preparing lawyers to achieve justice as well as pay attention to the ethics of public office within the studies
Transparent and focus on scientific sobriety that is taught in all to prepare the graduate fully qualified
The general message and this is part of its scientific mission to serve the community and contribute seriously to building
Democracy and laying the foundations for human rights and public freedoms in Iraq

Department goals

The goals of the Law Department are divided into general goals and specific goals.

General objectives of the department:

Graduation of students holding a bachelor’s degree in law.
Familiarize students with all the rights, duties and ethics of the profession related to the practice of the legal profession.
Establishing training virtual courts aimed at applying the theoretical aspect effectively.
Training students periodically on how to deal with governmental and non-governmental institutions in their field of specialization.

Special objectives of the department:
1- Providing free legal advice at the legal clinic.
2- Doing voluntary work to cooperate with official institutions and civil society organizations.
3- Conducting or participating in scientific discussion sessions in cooperation with government universities and research centers.
4- Preparing specialized legal research and studies that keep pace with the current situation.
5- Participation with the House of Representatives, Karbala office, in the preparations for projects and laws and their amendment.